‘Spring Clean' programme: Shape up for Summer

Summer is around the corner and due to winter’s encouraging influence on our eating habits and inclination to hibernate, we’re bringing you the ‘Spring Clean’ package to get your body and mind ready for summer.

We’ve combined the skills of two highly experienced health practitioners to support your journey:

runner1Ian Craig

3x nutritional therapy sessions: Personalised nutrition, lifestyle and health guidelines. Functional and genetic testing options, plus bespoke supplement recommendations are available.

Jeanne van Zyl

3x coaching sessions: Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and life coaching tools to shift your mind into the right gear to implement healthy lifestyle habits, achieve your goals and unblock hindrances. Tailored sessions based on the client’s unique vision, requirements and goals.

Added Value - optional additional purchase

DNA Diet and DNA Health genetics package: DNAlysis Biotechnology has kindly offered all participants of the 'Spring Clean' programme a 30% discount on the DNA Diet and Health package. These tests are aimed at weight management and long-term management of health.DNAlysis

The total value of this package is R3790, but is offered at an excellent price of R3490.

Available from the 1st September until the Christmas holidays.

For bookings, send an email to jeanne@beautifulbalance.co.za