A fresh way to approach your exercise

Functional Sports Nutrition (FSN) effectively combines the knowledge of two very different fields of nutrition within a sporting model: the practical, quantitative and food-based Sports Nutrition and the integrative, qualitative and body-systems approaches of Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine.

FSN recognises the bio-individual/genetic needs of each athlete and the connectivity of all body systems, meaning that to reach peak performance, whole-body health is required.

Functional Sports Nutrition magazine

This was started in 2010 and is edited by Ian Craig. It is based on the vision of extending 'functional' health-based practices into sport. Each edition includes four 2,000 word, fully referenced articles on various topics, plus a ‘Focus On’ product column and three question and answer pieces with elite athletes, coaches and nutrition experts. During the past five years, topics have ranged from genetic individuality, through system health (nervous, endocrine, immune, digestive, musculoskeletal systems), to healthy sports and recovery drink options and discussions of nutrient timings. Because the human body is so complex, unlike many commercial magazines, FSN mag is still no-where close to the stage of repeating topics, even after all this time.

Writers for the magazine are all industry experts, as opposed to journalists with an interest in the area. Additionally, all experts are specifically chosen for their ability to think beyond the standard sports nutrition paradigms and for their specialty areas of interest. Writers come from the fields of nutritional therapy, functional medicine, applied sports nutrition, exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, sports science and psychology, and may be university lecturers and researchers, health practitioners, exercise professionals and food and supplement industry experts.

From the website, you can view the latest edition and set up a personal subscription. Click here.

Sports Nutrition Live

SNL is the FSN annual conference. It was started in 2013 with heavily applied presentations from four of Britain’s thought leaders in this new area - that first conference was an incredible success, exceeding all expectations and filling the 180 seater venue, with a long waiting list. We then knew for sure that there was a huge hunger for knowledge in this applied field of sports nutrition.

Now in it's fourth year, it is to be held at the Cavendish Conference Centre in the West End of London on the 23rd April. There is a line-up of seven speakers for both nutrition practitioners and exercise practitioners (a new addition this year) and the keynote speaker is Dr Graeme Close, expert nutrition consultant to England Rugby.

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