With seven expert speakers, 180 professionals to network with, and some of the UK's leading sports nutrition suppliers exhibiting, Sports Nutrition Live is an essential event for sports professionals who want to grow their knowledge of sports nutrition and how to put it straight to practical, clinical-use.

Sports Nutrition Live (SNL) is based on the concepts of functional sports nutrition, a discipline which understands that sound functional health underlies every good athletic performance, whether that is attempting a first fun run or achieving standards of Olympic proportions.

Each SNL speaker respects the functional complexity of the human body and genetic individuality, while presenting within their area of nutritional speciality across a range of sports. Featured talks will therefore cover the three tiers of the functional sports nutrition model:
    • Functional nutrition for health - focus on an athlete's mind-body health through consideration of physiological systems including digestion, immunity, detoxification, and the antioxidant, endocrine and nervous systems.
    • Performance nutrition - consideration of macro and micro-nutrient requirements for competitive gain, including important considerations such as timings of food and fluid consumption.
    • Supplements - the use of traditional and new-to-science ergogenic aids plus supplements that may nurture functional health.

Highlights at this year’s SNL include: nutritional strategies to aid the gut and the athlete; how nucleotides support physiology and athletic performance; the use of antioxidants to support, while not slowing down, recovery; periodised nutritional strategies for endurance athletes; the role of carbohydrates in cell signalling and rugby performance; the basics, and not-so-basics, that we might not consider when it comes to recovery; understanding the complexities of the athlete’s body, while nourishing it with the simplicities of food.

For the first time, with two separate agendas, SNL is catering exclusively for nutrition and exercise practitioners. The event will suit, but isn’t exclusive to:
    • Nutrition practitioners - nutritional therapists, nutritionists, dieticians, homeopaths, naturopaths, functional medicine practitioners.
    • Exercise practitioners - sports scientists, exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, sports coaches.

Speakers are Dr Graeme Close (keynote), Dr Hannah Moir, Dr Justin Roberts, Dr Peter Koeppel, Eifion Weinzweig, Ben Coomber, and conference leader Ian Craig.

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