Rachel and Ian will be sharing nuggets of information from their new book, Wholesome Nutrition, and doing book signings at Raw Works on the 4th June, hosted by Serna Kramer. 

 "We have written a book largely in response to all the fad diets out there and the mass confusion that people are faced with. Our book is NOT a diet. It is not about restrictions, calorie counting or over-doing anything. It’s a book about moderation that takes into account both your health and your lifestyle. It’s a book about modifying your eating patterns in ways that are beneficial to your health. We go back to age old, nourishing traditions and look at what out great grandmothers used to cook, and encourage incorporating these food choices into our daily eating. We also remind you that fresh food does not need any labelling – this is the law, so when you bite into a non-organic apple you are not told that it’s been coated in a preserving wax or blasted with pesticides. We explain the true health benefits of shopping for organic/naturally grow produce. We encourage cooking from scratch. We are not trying to make life harder or take up any more of your time, but we do ask that you become a conscious consumer and more mindful in your eating. We know and understand that every individual is unique and we take that into consideration by including a chapter on individuality that looks at individual genetics and your diet. Our common-sense, easy approach may help lead you towards a holistic, wholesome, healthy life filled with vitality."    

Topics covered on the day:

  • - Individuality: one diet does not fit all
  • - 6 ways to improve weight management
  • - A Carb is not a Carb is not a Carb
  • - Food sensitivities
  • - Trusting your Intuition or Intuitive/mindful eating
  • - Eating Meditations
  • - 12 weeks to Vibrant health

Venue: Raw Works, 175 Boulder Avenue, Berario, Johannesburg

Please RSVP to reserve a place(s): 082 579 0440 or info@rawworks.co.za