12 Weeks to Vibrant Health is a complete exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programme aimed at individuals who desire ultimate control of their health. It encompasses a complete change-of-life in a 1-on-1 format with experienced lifestyle expert, Ian Craig.

 The programme starts with a comprehensive nutritional and exercise evaluation plus a goal-setting exercise, and each week you will be given educational exercises aimed to extend your knowledge about all aspects of your health, while gradually building a new, refreshing diet plus outlook on life. These are the topics:

    • Week 1 - Biological Age: A questionnaire that ages you based on your diet and lifestyle. It increases awareness of contributors to health.
    • Week 2 - What’s in your fridge: List the good, bad and ugly foods in your fridge and over the period of a week, gradually improve your choices.
    • Week 3 - What’s under your sink: List all your toxic chemicals and gradually replace them with eco-friendly equivalents.
    • Week 4 - What’s in your bathroom cabinet: List all your toxic toiletries and gradually replace them with healthier equivalents.
    • Week 5 - Water quality: Take note of where you get your drinking and cooking water from and learn about the filter options available.
    • Week 6 - Radiation concerns: Cell phones, WiFi, cordless phones - learn how powerful they are and how they could be adversely affecting your health.
    • Week 7 - Stress management: An opportunity to learn about the 3 P’s of stress and to take steps to down-tune stress in your life.
    • Week 8 - Acid-alkaline balance: Learn about acid-forming foods and mindfully increase alkalinity in your diet.
    • Week 9 - Values and your priorities: A brainstorming exercise to figure out the core values in your life, so you can use them within lifestyle-based decisions.
    • Week 10 - Wheel of life: Look at 8 different aspects of your life (family, work, financial, personal etc) and find out how round (balanced) your wheel of life is.
    • Week 11 - Natural slender eating strategy: Use a flow chart to figure out intuitively what it is that your body wants to eat.
    • Week 12 - Complete and consolidate learnings: A time for reflection on learnings and to create intensions for future behaviours.