‘Shape up for Summer’ presentation - WED 16TH AUG

Get your body and mind ready for the luxurious Summer months in sunny South Africa. We’re not here to offer you quick fixes or crash diets. In fact, sustainable results and long-term balance in your body and mind requires self-discipline, step-by-step changes and the right mindset.

Ian Craig will share nuggets of wisdom and practical strategies on several topics, including:

      - ‘Real’ food and its role in weight regulation
      - How your metabolism works 
      - Should the focus be on calorie counting, macronutrient ratios or perhaps neither? 
      - Physiological factors that influence weight regulation (including blood sugar regulation, detoxification, hormonal imbalances, etc.)

Jeanne van Zyl will touch on the following hot topics:

       - Food / chocolate / sugar cravings – where they stem from and what they mean
       - Shifting limiting mindsets that prevent a healthy body and mind
       - Breaking the emotional eating / stress-driven eating cycle
       - What does it mean to have a healthy relationship with my body and with food?

Where: Morningside
When: 16th of August from 18h30-20h30. This presentation is free of charge, but bookings are essential.

For more details and bookings: www.thenutritionalinstitute.com/events

About the presenters:

ianIan Craig BSc, MSc, CSCS, INLPTA is a nutritional therapist, exercise physiologist, NLP practitioner and proud Dad. He was a competitive British middle-distance runner for 20 years and is now a more leisurely runner and cyclist. He runs a private nutrition practice in Johannesburg, where he personalises nutrition and exercise strategies according to the client’s genetic attributes and lifestyle. Ian is also the editor of Functional Sports Nutrition magazine and wrote Wholesome Nutrition with his ‘foodie’ wife Rachel Jesson. Additionally, he will shortly launch the online version of his highly educational course, 12 steps to Wholesome Nutrition. For further details, head on over to his website at www.thenutritionalinstitute.com or following him on social media @ian_fsn / @nutritionalinstitute.

jeanneJeanne van Zyl is a certified Dietary Educator, NLP practitioner and Life Coach, currently completing a Master’s degree in Personalised Nutrition (Middlesex University, UK). She’s been studying in the fields of nutritional therapy, lifestyle management, clinical psycho-neuro-immunology, NLP and coaching for the past 11 years and considers herself a lifelong student. She is passionate about understanding the mind, body and soul in all its complexity and, as this is an ever-evolving field, she aims to stay up to date about the latest emerging research to ensure that her approach is comprehensive, relevant and current. Jeanne practices as a Wellness Coach and NLP practitioner at her practices in Pretoria and Johannesburg (Morningside). She regularly contributes content for health-related magazines, publications, websites and blogs. For further details: www.beautifulbalance.co.za.