How to nourish your DNA
by Ian Craig
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Rarely do I get overly excited when a supplement rep comes and presents their latest products to me, but when a Swiss professor (all the way from Switzerland and with moustache to match) presented to me reams of data on the most basic nutrient you can image, I had to listen.

DNA is our life force - in essence, it contains the human computer code that selectively makes heart cells in our heart and liver cells in our liver, overall making each of us human in our own unique way.

But, just like everything in our body, in order for DNA to be produced, it needs very specific nutrients and these are called nucleotides. Nucleotides can be salvaged from old cells and they can also be made from fuels like glucose and glutamine, but these are very energy inefficient processes. Our body finds it much easier to obtain nucleotides from our diet. BUT, as I have mentioned more than once before, we do not eat like we used to. Firstly, the nutrient density of our food is far inferior to the pre-industrial revolution period, secondly, we eat less of it because we are less active, and thirdly, can you guess where nucleotides come from in our diet?

Offal food - not awful food - although some of you might disagree… We’re talking liver, kidneys, lungs and stomach (tripe). Some of us still consume the likes of liver pate and steak and kidney pie, but much much less than a generation or two ago. And if you go back as far as our hunter-gatherer ancestors, they did not selectively pick ‘cuts’ of meat from a kill - they would eat the whole animal in equal proportions.

So when the Swiss prof (Dr Koeppel), now an honoured colleague who has written and presented for me, told me about his nucleotide supplement, that he’d been researching and trialling for many years, I could immediately see the therapeutic implications.

Almost every cell in our body will have been replaced in a year’s time - perhaps all except for some of your bone cells (which are the slowest renewing cells in our body). Some of our body cells replace extremely quickly and I’m going to choose two to illustrate the importance of nucleotides to you:

Our gut lining is known as a mucous membrane - it is made up of ‘villi’, which are finger-like projections that increase the surface area of the gut for improved absorption of nutrients. It is very susceptible to damage, especially when our diet leaves something to be desired, when we experience sustained levels of stress on a daily basis, and when we do not supply enough base nutrients for production of healthy new cells. What happens? We end up with inflamed, flattened villi, that don’t absorb nutrients well enough, plus we experience symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, and inflamed/uncomfortable bowels (IBS or IBD). Nucleotides do not solve the problems of poor dietary choices and excessive stress (these require a little effort on your part), but they do help with the base nutrients for healthy DNA replication of new gut cells.

The second example of rapidly dividing body cells that I would like to share will you are our immune cells. Ironically, experts believe that around 70 per cent of our immune system resides in or around our gut, so gut and immune health are inseparable. We are constantly being bombarded with viruses, bacteria, yeasts and parasites and our immune system has to rapidly rally to keep these microorganisms at bay - white blood cells (our immune cells) and immunoglobulins are crucial in this regard. Signs and symptoms of a sluggish, inadequate or inappropriate immune response include: slow recovery from a cold or flu, more regular or more severe infections than family and peers, allergies, autoimmune tendencies, coeliac disease (gluten allergy), skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, prolonged periods of fatigue (chronic fatigue), or pretty much any gut complaint.

Needless-to-say, I think nucleotides have a really important role to play in modern medicine. For sure, I will be recommending to my clients that they consume more organ meat and decrease their stress levels, but sometimes we need a bit of assistance in our progression towards health. I have used Dr Koeppel’s nucleotide product (Nucleocell) in my practice for a few months now, with excellent results.

I've uploaded an article by Dr Koeppel, so if you would like some more information, click here.

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