Q. Is Banting (LCHF) really the best diet for a healthy weight and long-term health?

In some cases, yes, but in most cases no. You will find blog posts and articles on this topic in the Resources section, but essentially, being low in something in your diet (i.e. carbs) can mean exclusion of some important foods, while being high in something else (i.e. fat) can mean overdoing certain nutritional components. We view the human body as being a certain shade of grey, whereas for argument sake, a LCHF diet can be viewed as black and a LFHC diet as white (or vice versa). These are extremes of human needs, which we call ‘outliers’ - an Eskimo may do great on a LCHF approach and an Indian may do well on a LFHC approach, but most of us lie somewhere in-between these two extremes. There lies the genetic uniqueness within all of us and it is your life’s work to figure out where you personally lie on that spectrum.