UltraClear Plus 1.2kg

A comprehensive detoxification product for support of a liver detox programme

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Liver detoxification comprises of two main stages - the packaging of toxins and the transportation out of the body. It is like loading up your rubbish bin and then putting it out for collection. There is also a middle stage, which is where a lot of oxidative stress occurs if the body does not have sufficient nutrients to avoid such damage. The problem with juice fast type detox programmes is that many of them do not supply all of the key nutrients required for the detox process, meaning that the body's detox processes can actually slow down. The antioxidant glutathione is particularly prone to depletion because it is made from protein, which is in low supply during juice fasts. 

UltraClear Plus is combined with a 3-week mild detox programme, in which a full range of healthy foods are consumed, but unhealthy options are ommited. This product contains all the known nutrients needed for detoxification set in a hypo-allergenic base of brown rice protein powder.  

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