A fresh way to approach your exercise

Sports nutrition is one of the specialties of the Nutritional Institute. Ian Craig, Simone do Carmo and Rachel Jesson are all ex-high level athletes, and their base passion lies in health. We start with a very strong assumption - that health is an underpinning requirement for athletic performance. You cannot hope to train and perform at your potential if your health is suboptimal, your food choices are under-par, and your lifestyle is stressful and busy. Your body will simply not recover from the exercise sessions you ask it to perform.

It is our passion to help athletes and active individuals, whether recreational or elite, to enjoy a long and healthy sporting career, finding your personal balance point where you nourish your underlying health, which in turn supports your physical performance. If you approach us for consultation support, we will firstly focus on your body-mind health via good food choices, lifestyle considerations, and stress management strategies, where relevant. We'll then turn our focus to your specific sports nutrition requirements, considering your daily nutrient intakes, pre-, during-, and post-exercise nutrition strategies, and your performance needs, all the time working with you as a unique individual. 

Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition

The Nutritional Institute has a sister company, called the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition (CISN). The focus of that company is to train practitioners within the integrative health strategies of sports nutrition - the first integrative/functional sports nutrition course in the world. It annually hosts 3-module courses live in London (UK) and online, plus a highly energetic natural sports cookery module. There is a lot of free material on the website, including blogs, articles, webinars, and podcasts.

Click here to view the CISN website.

Functional Sports Nutrition magazine

The Functional Sports Nutrition magazine was started in 2010 and is edited by Ian Craig and sub-edited by Simone do Carmo. It is based on the vision of extending 'functional' health-based practices into sport. Each edition includes four 2,000 word, fully referenced articles on various topics, plus a ‘Focus On’ product column and question and answer pieces with elite athletes, coaches and nutrition experts. Topics range from genetic individuality, through system health (nervous, endocrine, immune, digestive, musculoskeletal systems), to healthy sports and recovery drink options and discussions of nutrient timings. Because the human body is so complex, unlike many commercial magazines, we do not repeat topics and each magazine has completely fresh material.

Writers for the magazine are all industry experts, as opposed to journalists with an interest in the area. Additionally, all experts are specifically chosen for their ability to think beyond the standard sports nutrition paradigms and for their specialty areas of interest. Writers come from the fields of nutritional therapy, functional medicine, applied sports nutrition, exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, sports science and psychology, and may be university lecturers and researchers, health practitioners, exercise professionals and food and supplement industry experts.

Click here to view the magazine website, where you can see the latest edition and set up a personal subscription.