The central ethos of the Nutritional Institute (tNI) is education: we take great pleasure in being able to share knowledge that can help you to empower your own life from a health perspective, and that of the people around you.

The vast majority of our material is free, including blogs, articles, recipes, webinars and short courses. If you then wish to extend your own nutrition knowledge further, we have a created a very cost effective long course for you, called 12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition.

Additionally, the core members of tNI (Ian, Rachel, Simone and Paul) give professional presentations, so to request them as speakers, please get in touch.

Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition

The Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition, launched in 2018, consists of three 5-day modules, spread over six months. Additionally, as of 2020, we have a new fourth module that is focused on natural cookery within sport.

The course is hosted annually as a live event at London’s Kingston University. Additionally, via professionally filming and editing, it is offered as a very engaging online programme for distance students.

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The 21 Day Health Challenge Free Online Course

Wholesomely improve your health via mindful food and lifestyle choices

The 21 day health challenge is designed for people who would like to take charge of their own health by learning more about their best food and lifestyle choices, while in the process, improving their own weight management.

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Natural Chef Certificate

Natural Cook Training: 3-Point Training - 100% Online

SNC has been leading the healthy lifestyle industry with “cutting edge” training since 1983. Unlike other cooking schools, our non-traditional culinary training is designed to integrate a healing process of cooking with whole ingredients through a commitment to consistent practice.

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12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition online course

The 12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition course is a no-nonsense educational approach to food, nutrition and lifestyle. It is not a ‘diet’, but a powerful transition into a cleaner, healthier way of eating for the rest of your life. With a strong focus on your genetic uniqueness, we will guide you towards self-empowerment, as opposed to being reliant on a particular product or programme.

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