The Centre for Integrated Nutrition (CIN) is an organisation with the specialised focus of one-on-one coaching for those seeking optimum health and wellness. 

CIN services have been developed by founding director Ian Craig as a result of many years of clinical practice, with nutrition as a central focus.

During this time, Ian has closely observed the most effective strategic interventions in order to reach lasting health improvements with his clients. One of the key factors he has identified is the need for a high level of mental and emotional 'readiness' to confidently embrace new and more effective ways, as the old (inhibitory) patterns are genuinely put to rest. 

He originally offered single consultations, but noticed that the clients who achieved the best results were those who engaged fully in the process and attended three or more sessions, giving them time and opportunity to leverage some important changes in their lives. For this reason, the minimum number of sessions offered by CIN is 4.

Team approach

Ian also noticed that if he collaborated with other practitioners to help a client, results were further increased - in other words, if you have a team of support around you, your chances of moving towards your health goals are greatly improved. As such, Ian has developed a truly talented network of practitioners to support your health: the core CIN team collectively practice nutritional, exercise and psychological coaching, natural cookery, and integrative medicine - a powerful combination when it comes to behavioural change for health.
  • Ian Craig is a specialist nutrition and exercise practitioner, who will help create a structured intervention to your health by facilitating the entire CIN team.
    Simone do Carmo is an integrative nutrition and exercise practitioner who, via personalised coaching, will help you move towards optimal health and wellbeing.
    Rachel Jesson is a natural chef who will help you to nourish a loving, healthy and creative relationship with your food, and she'll also share a few recipes along the way.
    Paul Carlos is a mind-body coach, partnering you to find a heart-centred life of fulfilment, wisdom, inner knowledge and balance.

Additionally, on a case-by-case basis, we will recruit other practitioners in the CIN network as required.

Who will benefit?

Working with us, you are committing to immersing yourself within the lifestyle, behavioural and belief changes that are required to improve your health and performance. We will coach you towards self-empowerment in a very personalised way so that when you leave us, you will be able to continue growing your own health practices.

We work with a diverse group of clients, including an increasing number of individuals with complex health imbalances, which may manifest in problems of; weight management, hormonal imbalances, chronic gastrointestinal issues, musculoskeletal problems, immune dysfunction (including autoimmunity), fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, all of which are rapidly increasing in incidence due to the lives we live today. Additionally, with our strong sporting backgrounds, we offer core support to sports people, both elite and recreational.

Session options

During your free call with us, you will be given the options to undertake a 4-, 7- or 12-session programme. Each option will commence with an initial 90-minute consultation with Ian (session 1), where he will take a detailed health history with you, and then outline a course of action for you. Based on your individual needs, the sessions that follow will be a bespoke combination of Simone, Rachel, Paul and/or Ian. The final round-up consultation will conclude with Ian again. During this process, our core team will fluently interact on your case to provide you with the best care possible.

4-session and 7-session programme examples are displayed in the tables below. If the more immersed 12-session programme is of interest to you, please ask us about it during the free call.

4 session table

7 session table

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