Luise De Sousa

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I decided to take control of my health. The most important aspect I had to address was my nutrition, and I came to see Ian about this. I would never have known which foods to eat abundantly, together with correct supplements to support my methylation and inflammation issues, if it wasn’t for the DNA gene tests that Ian recommended that I take. Combine this with tweaking and readjusting my eating, I feel confident that my health is improving and I will be dis-ease free! Luise De Sousa

Andrew Jansen Van Rensburg, Physiotherapist and long distance trail runner

During trail ultra marathons, I would struggle with gut issues around the 8-9 hour mark. After consulting with Ian and correcting my eating, I was able to get closer to my full athletic potential, running with no gastric issues and completing the Ultra Trail Drakensberg 100km trail run in 7th position. Andrew Jansen Van Rensburg, Physiotherapist and long distance trail runner

Pooja Dela, Litigator and bride-to-be

I have delved into your book and find myself, at many instances, saying - it's like this book was written for me. In that sense, it has already instilled a sense of stillness and confidence in a mind that has been stressed and panicked about my previous poor nutrition advice and resultant uncontrollable weight gain. Pooja Dela, Litigator and bride-to-be

Deon Braun, Publisher of Trail Magazine

I've been spending time digesting your book (Wholesome Nutrition) and it's like a good veggie soup or bean casserole - the more I eat and savour, the more the goodness and taste becomes apparent. Deon Braun, Publisher of Trail Magazine

A busy attorney

"I suffered from fibromyalgia type issues and battled to work a full day as a busy partner in a law firm, let alone exercise. In a little over a year with Ian, I went from a size 38/40 to a size 32/34, was able to work a full day and take up competitive show jumping." A busy attorney

Nikki Wilson, SAANT Chairperson

Wholesome Nutrition: “We have said it for so long and with such ease; 'we are all different and there is no one perfect diet for everyone.' Ian and Rachel have written an easy-to-read book that illustrates this. Robust in its research and science, this book is a must read for everyone who is sick and tired of the fads and hypes around nutrition. I hope that it will be a go-to book, so that we learn to honour the complexity of our bodies, while gaining practical advice for nourishing ourselves and our families.” Nikki Wilson BSc (Hons), South African Association for Nutritional Therapy (SAANT) Chairperson

Michelle Helen

“I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, so I came to see Ian, because my colon was in constant spasm and pain all the time. Within a day of not having cows milk, my stomach cramps went away. I stopped my daily cappuccinos and drink black rooibos tea with honey instead and on the weekends, I don't drink wine; I have whiskey. It's been just over a month now of having no milk or wine and I’ve had no cramps at all. I’ve even lost lots of centimetres around my tummy area.” Michelle Helen

Cuan Helen

“I came to see Ian because I was training for the Sani2Sea MTB race and couldn’t loose weight, plus battled with IBS. Within four weeks of changing the way I was eating, based on a food sensitivity test, I dropped four kilos and eventually decreased my weight from 110 to 99kg, plus settled my gut symptoms.” Cuan Helen

Tara Mallett

"After a year of struggling to lose weight, Ian has helped me to get the results I craved. He recommended achievable changes in my nutrition and looked at what was going on with my body and health as a whole.” Tara Mallett, about to get married

Michael Fysh

"Going from being terrified after my diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, and not having very much success in treating it, to now feeling that I have a chance of keeping it under control and living a normal life. That's the amazing gift that Ian has given me.” Michael Fysh, farm manager

Taryne Jakobi

"Rachel’s recipes have opened a whole new approach to food preparation for me. Sprouted nuts, kefir, sauerkraut, oat cookies and bone broths represent a total paradigm shift in the way I approach the food I make and serve my family.” Taryne Jakobi, food stylist for Wholesome Nutrition