Paul Carlos

Paul Carlos YAI 500h has been involved with yoga and related disciplines for the last 35 years.

Having originally studied and received certifications from traditional schools, Paul went on to found his own school - Sacred Spiral - which is fully accredited with Yoga Alliance International. As an instructor, Paul has taught and facilitated close to 7000 hours of classes, private instruction, retreats and holidays, workshops and seminars, and is considered a 'grandfather' in the yoga world! What’s more, in his teaching, he draws from a diverse palette of deep relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and more.

Paul is an active classical guitarist, vocalist, composer, and multi instrumentalist. Sound journeys and other sacred music are central to Sacred Spiral.

Further, over the years, Paul has taught, lived, retreated, and worked at various Buddhist centres in South Africa. Having followed a life-long spiritual quest, and with a passion for helping people to live a spiritually and emotionally grounded life, Paul offers a formal spiritual coaching service.

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