Simone do Carmo

Simone do Carmo MSci Grad.SENr is an exercise physiologist, sport nutritionist and personal trainer. Simone is also an accredited anthropometrist.

 Simone graduated with a first class, five-year MSci in Physiology, Sports Science and Nutrition from the University of Glasgow in 2016. After being awarded the Cathcart Scholarship, she did the work placement year of her degree at the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine (ESSM/UCT), based at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa, where she gained valuable, hands-on experience in podiatric biomechanics and performance nutrition.

As an advocate for real food and an individualised approach to nutrition, Simone is interested in nutritional strategies to optimise performance, recovery and prevent injuries from an integrative health standpoint. She contributes regularly to the Functional Sports Nutrition magazine in the UK and Sport Science Collective e-zine in South Africa.

Simone is a graduate registrant on the UK Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register, which is managed by the British Dietetic Association, and owns Personal Best Fitness &Nutrition. She is a REPS-registered personal trainer, a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, a UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) accredited advisor, and holds Level 1 ISAK accreditation from the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry, which qualifies her to conduct anthropometric profiling. With a background in athletics and futsal, Simone now focuses on CrossFit and powerlifting and passionately believes in the power of both exercise and food as medicine.