Rachel Jesson

Rachel Jesson B.Phys.Ed (Hons) M.Phil is a trained teacher (Wits) and holds a Masters degree in Sports Science and Psychology from the University of Johannesburg.

Like Ian, she too is an NLP practitioner. Being an ex-South African triathlete, Rachel’s passion lies in food, health and physical fitness. Her current sporting interests are running, mountain-biking, CrossFit and yoga.

Rachel is a health food specialist, with a primary focus on practical and extremely healthy meal and snack options for athletes, active people and those who simply want to be healthy. She contributes regularly to the international publication Functional Sports Nutrition and also wrote a regular recipe column for Total Sports Nutrition magazine.

Rachel insists that for health, we need to keep things simple. She takes inspiration from previous generations with regard to the preparation of wholesome food. Her latest project involves self-sufficient organic agriculture, otherwise known as ‘agroecology’, and she is experimenting with biodiversity, eco-circles and planter boxes in her garden at home. She has proven that developing good soil structure is vital to increasing the nutrient density and taste of locally grown food.
Additionally, she is the originator and CEO of a deluxe sports clothing company for women, called Sporty Skirts Revolution (www.sportyskirtsrevolution.net).

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