The 21 Day Health Challenge Free Online Course

Wholesomely improve your health via mindful food and lifestyle choices

The 21 day health challenge is designed for people who would like to take charge of their own health by learning more about their best food and lifestyle choices, while in the process, improving their own weight management.

So if you’re looking for another diet to blindly follow, please move along to the next item in your google search list. If, however, you wish to learn a lot about nutrition, health and individuality, plus value self-empowerment so that you can make informed choices by the end of the course, come and join us….

You simply need to be enthusiastic towards learning more about wholesome nutrition and healthy food and lifestyle choices. A little prior nutrition or food knowledge is useful but not essential. Anyone with an interest in nutrition and health and anyone who wants to move away from one-size-fits-all practices, and who ultimately wants to learn more about themselves, will benefit from this short course.


Week 1 - Weight management myths

- Myth 1 - calories in vs. calories out controls your weight

- Myth 2 - fats will make you fat

- Myth 3 - carbs are the devils food

- Myth 4 - there is a perfect diet

Week 2 - Four foci of weight management via food

- Hormones

- Detoxification

- Blood sugar control

- Food sensitivities

Week 3 - Four foci of weight management via lifestyle

- Toxicity and health

- Stress management

- Exercise

- Sleep

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