Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition

The Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition, launched in 2018, consists of three 5-day modules, spread over six months. Additionally, as of 2020, we have a new fourth module that is focused on natural cookery within sport.

The course is hosted annually as a live event at London’s Kingston University. Additionally, via professionally filming and editing, it is offered as a very engaging online programme for distance students.

As shown in the following flow chart, the course is a progressive learning experience, starting with a comprehensive study of integrative (or functional) nutrition within a sporting context, then moving through conventional sports nutrition with a strong integrative slant to it, and finishing with a very specialised module which looks at cutting edge strategies within sports nutrition and particular sports themselves.

Who's it for?

The Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition is very much postgraduate training, aimed at degree holders ideally with some experience in their industry. This applies to both nutrition and exercise professionals, including those who are functionally trained such as nutritional therapists, plus individuals trained in dietetics, sports nutrition and the exercise sciences. The course ambitiously bridges the two worlds of integrative nutrition and sports nutrition.

Knowing that many excellent practitioners are not actually degree qualified, the course is also open to individuals who can demonstrate a portfolio of sufficient prior knowledge and experience. If this is your case, please talk directly with us about your background training and experience.

The modules - COVID-19 update

Due to current restrictions associated with COVID-19, all modules are online only.

See the course syllabus and more information at intsportsnutrition.com