Free webinar: Flu fighters How to protect yourself from the inside, with Patrick Holford & Ian Craig | 24 JULY, 1pm UK time (2pm SA time)
We are amidst a time of fear and uncertainly with regard to our own immunity, with an already compromised health environment around us, so internationally renowned nutritionist and award-winning author Patrick Holford would like to remind us that “it has never been more important to support your immune system”.

Patrick Holford’s new book, Flu Fighters: how to win the cold war by boosting your natural immunity with non-toxic nutrients, offers a comprehensive guide to supporting the immune system with nutrition, along with a collection of delicious immune-supporting recipes using simple ingredients.

Join us in this free webinar as we delve into Patrick’s new book and discuss why some people get away with the flu, and viruses like COVID-19, while others get really sick and even die. You’ll also learn valuable strategies through diet and nutrients that will help protect yourself from the inside by supporting a healthy immune system.