3-Week Detox

A 3-week 'light' detox, designed to give your liver a Spring clean

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The liver can be viewed like a factory with a certain daily capacity. Say for example that your liver factory can process 100 arbitary units per day, what happens when you are actually trying to process 110 units of toxins per day? The body stores the excess, which gradually creates a physiological burden on the body. If you then undergo a short period of eating well and supporting your liver with the right nutrients, in effect, you may be reducing the daily load on your liver to 80 units, while increasing the liver's capacity to 120 units. This then allows 40 toxin units per day to be spring cleaned from the body.

Ian supports clients through a 3-week gentle detox. It is a healthy diet that provides all your nutrient needs and not a restrictive juice fast. The price includes an initial 1-hour consultation, a 3-week supervised detox and a 1-hour follow-up consultation to help you transition to a long-term healthy nutritional approach.

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