Oestrogen dominance - is it an environmental thing, a stress thing, or perhaps one of diminished detox?

Those of you who regularly read my blog posts will know that I talk an awful lot about hormones… I’m often talking about the main stress hormone cortisol and how that links in with many modern health imbalances. The topic of female hormones is actually no different, as you’ll read about in a minute or two. But, my focus for today is oestrogen and its sister hormone, progesterone. Many women experience very irritating or even debilitating symptoms that can be linked to an imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone.

Ian Craig
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The divine Indian Dosa pancake

I’m busy with my recipe book, which is a follow on from our Wholesome Nutrition book. It includes tried and tested recipes that are guilt-free and which hold a place in our daily eating practice of really fuelling our bodies, and hopefully placing us in a restorative place rather than a depleting one, which many foods these days seem to do. The aim of my book, for now anyway (as it constantly changes as we both grow together), is to really nourish and give back to the body.

Rachel Jesson
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From plastic to plate

We’re becoming increasingly aware of the polluting effect of plastic in our environment. In the last few years, alarm bells have been raised about how microplastics – small fragments of plastic less than 5mm in size – are accumulating in our soils and seas, working their way up the food chain and, ultimately, ending up on our plate.

Simone do Carmo
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