Eating on a healthy budget

I was recently asked by the producers of the television programme Real Health to come up with an insert on eating healthily on a budget. It was one of the easiest inserts I’ve done, because eating simply is actually not expensive at all.

Rachel Jesson
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The Contradictory Art of Doing Nothing - by Dave Gardner

There is a lot of talk (from me especially) to get outside and play, or to build a practice, but what of doing nothing. Not yoga, not relaxing, not meditation, not sleeping…. nothing! Affectionately called 'ballas bak' by Afrikaans communities (I'll leave the translation up to you), doing nothing is something (is it?) we often don't even consider (can we consider no thing?) doing (can you do nothing?).

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The cut on carbs - devil’s food or a true essential?

“The devil’s food” - this is how carbohydrates were described in a best seller low-carb high-fat book that was part of the recent apparent paradigm shift from a low-fat ideal to one of excessive quantities of fats. I devoted a whole chapter to destroying the myths that carbs are necessarily bad for us in our book Wholesome Nutrition, so I’m not going to repeat these messages here - rather, go and buy our book!

Ian Craig
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