Unhappy gut? Maybe you need more dietary fibre

If you feel constipated all the time or you’re not as regular as you’d like to be, you might be lacking in dietary fibre. Being irregular could also be due to the stress of modern-day life and low physical activity levels, but increasing your dietary fibre intake should give you some relief.

Simone do Carmo
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Lunch Box Ideas

Feeding our kids a wholesome nourishing meal at school has never been more important. If you would like your child to be able to sit still and concentrate during lessons, then it is vital that you feed them properly.

Rachel Jesson
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Powerful protein - vital, but how much do we need?

Protein is a word derived from the Greek language, meaning ‘first importance’. Yet, in this era of carb phobia and/or fat phobia, the role of protein in our diet tends to be neglected, meaning that based on dietary ‘fadishness’, some individuals under-eat it (predominantly vegans and vegetarians), while others totally over-eat it (predominantly bodybuilders, ‘banters’ and actually your stereotypical South Africa meat eater)!

Ian Craig
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