The cut on carbs - devil’s food or a true essential?

“The devil’s food” - this is how carbohydrates were described in a best seller low-carb high-fat book that was part of the recent apparent paradigm shift from a low-fat ideal to one of excessive quantities of fats. I devoted a whole chapter to destroying the myths that carbs are necessarily bad for us in our book Wholesome Nutrition, so I’m not going to repeat these messages here - rather, go and buy our book!

Ian Craig
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All you need to know about iodine

Eating raw kale, by incorporating it in smoothies or salads, is a growing food trend, but what many people don’t realise is that kale in its raw form contains many goitrogens. These are compounds that can interfere with iodine uptake, a vital micronutrient as you’ll see below…

Simone do Carmo
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Coconut Oil Pulling

You may have heard of this term fluttering about in conversations of health enthusiasts, but you’ve never taken the time to read up about it or understand it. It’s another one of our fabulous age old traditions that has been re-awakened into the modern era. It has been used for centuries in traditional India to cure tooth decay, prevent bad breath, heal bleeding gums, whiten teeth, soothe throat dryness, prevent cavities and strengthen the gums and jaw.

Rachel Jesson
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