Playing with sourdough

I have this love-hate relationship with making sourdough breads. I tried very hard to include a recipe in our book Wholesome Nutrition, but at that time I was truly unsuccessful in making them. After consuming kilograms of rye flour, I was turning out bread that was hard enough to concuss Ian!

Rachel Jesson
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Why you should stop sitting and move more

Sitting. Whether in our office chair, car seat or sofa, we’re mostly unaware of the detrimental effect of sitting on our health. But sitting has actually been called the ‘new smoking’ and can increase the risk of many diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and depression.

Simone do Carmo
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Oestrogen dominance - is it an environmental thing, a stress thing, or perhaps one of diminished detox?

Those of you who regularly read my blog posts will know that I talk an awful lot about hormones… I’m often talking about the main stress hormone cortisol and how that links in with many modern health imbalances. The topic of female hormones is actually no different, as you’ll read about in a minute or two. But, my focus for today is oestrogen and its sister hormone, progesterone. Many women experience very irritating or even debilitating symptoms that can be linked to an imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone.

Ian Craig
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